7 Tips to put your best foot forward when selling your home

By Leanne Sanford

1. Turn on the lights

Inspections and auction days are a home’s time to shine, so be sure to show it in its (literal) best light.

“We’re constantly shocked when we arrive at auctions and lamps and down lights haven’t been switched on, and this is auction day!” says Sara Chamberlain, director of The Real Estate Stylist.

“Bathrooms, kitchen pendants, pool lights – whatever you have, turn it on to make it sparkle.”

2. Keep it clean

Place floor mats out the front and inside the door to catch any dirt or muddy feet coming into the home.

“[And] don’t let bedding get messy. Again, we are so shocked to arrive mid campaign or during auctions to find crumpled linen,” Chamberlain says.

A fresh scent will also create an inviting atmosphere for guests.

“Encourage vendors to use fragrances in a non-overpowering way … plug-in adjustable room fragrances are best in a simple fresh-linen scent,” she says.

3. Make it easy

Don’t leave anything to chance on big campaign days.

“Make sure the house is clearly numbered,” Chamberlain says.

“Old numbers, unmarked letterboxes and dark hidden addresses do no one favours when they are searching for a property.”

4. Remove personal items

Potential buyers need to be able to envision their life in a home, which is easier when personal items are kept to a minimum.

“Excess furniture, quirky and personal items need to be removed and stored,” says Liz Montgomery, director of Bon Habitat.

“Selling your home is a great opportunity to have a cleansing declutter, letting go of unloved and unwanted items giving you a head start for your next move.”

5. Remove distractions

The main spaces to declutter before a photo shoot or inspection are the bathroom and kitchen.

Store any items that aren’t visually appealing, and don’t forget to close the toilet seat.

“This is a common thing that is often overlooked – always close toilet seats,” says Vince DeStefano from Property Snaps.

“If it’s not adding to the photograph, like a decorative item would, then put it away,” says says Grant Kennedy, director of We Shoot Buildings.

6. Work with tenants

For rental agents in particular, it’s important to form a relationship with tenants whose cooperation will be invaluable down the track.

“Rental properties often have really messy photos because the tenants just don’t care that the house is being sold. In fact, it’s an inconvenience for them,” says De Stefano says.

If that doesn’t work, try digital decluttering for a quick fix.

7. Style to sell

Consider the taste and desires of the average buyer and target market when styling a property for sale.

“Style with a neutral base and add a pop of colour from coordinated pieces of artwork and soft furnishings,” Montgomery says.

“Add a little warmth with the addition of rugs, lamps and other accessories, as well as something living, like floral arrangements or indoor plants.”

If in doubt, hire a professional stylist who can project manage a mini makeover to enhance a property.

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