First rental? 5 tips to get free furniture

By Yvette Yatras

Furnishing your first
rental can be expensive – the good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you
are moving out of your parents’ home or have just arrived from overseas,
chances are that you need to watch your budget, and there are a number of
things you can do to save on furniture for your first rental house.

A tight budget is not the only reason to save on furniture for your rental
home. Anyone who sees renting as a temporary solution could be reluctant to
spend significant amounts on things that may not fit in their permanent

Contrary to what you may think, going to a furniture store and spending
thousands of dollars is not the only way to furnish one’s house. It can cost
you very little to get everything a person needs to feel comfortable in their

5 tips to find free furniture

Tip #1.
Check the online resources where you can get beds, tables, chairs and more,
absolutely free. On website http:// there is a whole section
named “freebees”, and is a place where you
can get free furniture that is no longer needed by its owner.

Tip #2.
Drive around your neighbourhood, and look for things put on the nature strip
for anyone interested. One man’s trash is really another man’s treasure. Even
when it doesn’t look like a treasure right away, turning it into one can be
easy. For example, an old chair can be completely transformed using nothing but
a staple gun and a piece of fabric. Simply unscrew the seat, wrap it in the new
fabric, staple it and screw the seat back on.

Tip #3.
Opportunity shops of Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Society) and Salvos (The
Salvation Army) are excellent places to buy used furniture in a surprisingly
good condition at very affordable prices. You can also rest assured that the
money you spend will be used for a good cause – such as buying food for the
local families in need.

Tip #4.
Garage sales are your next destination. If you haven’t seen any signs in your
area, head over to and find the ones that are close to
you. You may be able to find items in a good condition priced as low as 75% off
the original price.

Tip #5.
Finally, if you can’t bear the thought of used furniture, your local IKEA store
is a great place to find new, inexpensive and durable furniture. Just think of
a friend with a ute, who can help you deliver the items you bought, for free.


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By Christine Lang, author of award-winning Australian real estate blog

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