Renovation Projects Made Easy

By Yvette Yatras

Adding value by moving, raising, extending or renovating your existing home or investment property can be a smart choice. Whatever the level of work you plan to undertake you should view your renovations as an investment. A key influencer between your investment and return will be linked to the decision you make about who will manage your project.

Figuring out the best person to handle the project is one of the most influential choices you will make. Without a doubt who and how you choose to work will be reflected in the journey and outcome of your project.

When it comes to project management there are more options than doing it yourself or opting for your local builder and a few of his/her mates who don’t happen to have any current work. You’re about to invest, so it would make sense to consider all the options first.

No matter how big or small your ideas are they will involve numerous design decisions. Designing an extension or renovation is not just about how it will look and function but also what materials are used, what sequence the work follows, who will be undertaking each aspect of work plus there will be logistics around payments for labor and materials and the all-important quality assurance.

If you feel you have the experience to deal with this, great. But be warned it’s not as easy as it sounds, nor will the twenty percent savings be realized if there are delays or low quality results. In fact delays could end up costing you more than the project management fee by the time you add up holding costs and lost income.

Try turning the tradition of a builder running your project on its head. Opting for an interior designer and architect team to design then project manage your job will means you’ll get more than just continuity from start to finish. Your work will have all the same quality guarantees and costs are comparative to using a builder to manage, especially for renovation projects involving numerous different trades but minimal construction work.

The real upside of engaging a design duo to take care of your project is that you won’t have to figure your way through all the choices of materials, colors and finishes on your own, forget relying on sales assistants ideas or worse being left at the end with a builders look.

If you want your project to run smoothly and on time, plus deliver a level of finish and innovation a cut above a DIY job then thinking outside the square will be the investment that delivers a healthy return.

Alex Honey – Sterling Interiors

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