Tips For A Child Proof Home

By Yvette Yatras

Now that your child is starting to crawl and curiously explore, it’s important that you child-proof your house. Children spend most of their early years learning and growing up in the confines of the house. They cannot see hazards or know what is danger is so it’s up to you to protect them.

Your house

Cupboards, draws and doors are prime targets for inquisitive children in all rooms of the house. Therefore child latches, locks and door stoppers are a must for protecting children from the chemicals, knives, electric and burning areas that live behind them.

The kitchen

Considering the above, the kitchen is arguably the most dangerous room in the house for a child. Poisonous cleaning products, potential scalding from stoves, ovens and cooking equipment, not to mention sharp utensils and appliances.

The bathroom

In the bathroom, the main safety concerns are protecting children from drowning in the bath, hot water, taps scolding the child or slipping and falling on the slippery wet tiles or in the bath.

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