Winter the time to plant natives

By Yvette Yatras

Help ensure they survive warmer months and attract colourful wildlife

The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife is encouraging locals to plant native plants this winter to attract colourful wildlife – like the little friarbird – to your garden.

“Little friarbirds are honeyeaters that will be heading north this winter in search of food and warmer weather,” foundation chief Susanna Bradshaw said.

“Little friarbirds are great backyard buddies for your garden as they pollinate many of our native plants. “They also eat insects and help keep your bug numbers down, the natural way.” Ms Bradshaw said winter is the perfect time to plant natives.

“Planting now will give native plants a chance to establish themselves before summer rolls around with its predominantly dry, hot days,” she said. “It will help to ensure that your natives will survive the warmer months.

“Some grevilleas and banksias also flower during winter, which will add colour to the garden during the cold season as well as attract birds.”


•Provide a bird bath or container of water for birds to drink, bathe and play in. Keep it clean and fresh.

•Position your bird bath near dense shrubs so that birds have somewhere nearby to hide if a cat or other predator appears.

•Keep cats indoors or install a cat run so that your cat can go outside without harming birds.

•Avoiding using pesticides or other yard chemicals as a bird that eats a contaminated insect could die.

•Plant local eucalypts, melaleucas, grevilleas or banksias in your garden to provide food and shelter.

•Include plants of many different heights and densities in your garden to encourage lots of different kinds of birds. Small birds like finches, for instance, prefer densely planted, spiky shrubs and understory plants to hide in.

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