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Maintenance Trouble Shooting Guide


If your supply of hot water is not hot or doesn’t seem to last as long, your hot water system may need time to top up again. Electrical hot water systems take longer for the water to heat up, therefore using more water. If your unit needs topping up locate the filler valve on the side of the hot water system and lift the floppy lever until water flows from the overflow.  Repeat this process every few months.  In the case of electrical hot water systems, check that the power is on and that a fuse has not blown in the main switchboard. If it is a gas unit, check that the pilot light is still running. If it is off, it will require a restart according to the instructions on the tank.  Please note: In winter the efficiency of the tank is less than in summer and the water will get colder quicker.


Water bubbling out of the ground could be a serious problem and could lead to further complications. Roof leaks can also worsen quickly, contact SES to arrange temporary tarps and phone our office immediately.


A concerning problem in properties is leaking from the wet areas eg/ bathrooms, kitchens, into adjoining rooms.  A regular check is advisable.  If the carpet/floor is wet, sponge and dry the area thoroughly and check again after use of the wet area again.  Advise our office if there is still a problem.


Turn off the tap and mop regularly until the tradesperson arrives.  Please complete the form and send to our office to arrange a tradesperson.


DO NOT ATTEMPT to fix it yourself.  Do not use switches.  Contact our office as soon as possible.


Check power or fuse box.  Ensure the power is on and the switch has not tripped. Tenants are responsible for replacing blowing light bulbs.  If the problem is not remedied, contact your property manager.


If your neighbours have lost power contact your electricity supplier. Otherwise check if the Safety Switch has tripped and if so, reset the switch.  If it trips again unplug all appliances from power points.  Reset Safety Switch and plug in appliances one at a time until faulty appliance is located.  Check the fuse box for a blown fuse.  If this does not recitfy the problem please notify our office.  Tenants will be required to pay for callouts where a faulty appliance belonging to them has caused the problem.


  • Water level is a priority and must be kept at a level to allow water to flow through the skimmer box and filter at all times.  Failure to to this could be costly for the tenant.  No metal objects are allowed in the pool as it can cause corrosion marks.
  • No animals in the pool as this creates a chemical inbalance.
  • Ensure regular testing of the water to the correct pH levels, this helps prevent algae.  After heavy rains it is important to rebalance the pool with chemicals and/or minerals.
  • Vacuum at least once a week to keep the pool clear of debris.
  • Regularly check the pump to ensure the motor is working correctly, and clean out filters and skimmer boxes regularly.
  • Even if the pool is maintained for you, it is still your responsibility to keep inspecting the pool for any problems.

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